Flora Bifidobacteria For Endurance Body

Breast milk has long been known to play an important role in increasing the resilience of the baby’s body. Greatest compositions contained in milk is lactose (50-60 g / L), followed by fat (30-50 g / L), oligosaccharides (10-12 g / L), and protein (8-10 g / L).

Milk plays an important role for the development of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Breast milk contains oligosaccharides are not digested by enzymes, so that remains there as prebiotics in the gut. Furthermore, these prebiotics in the gut will be metabolized by bacteria that dominate the gastrointestinal tract in infants who are breastfed.

However, what exactly is meant by the good bacteria? Good bacteria in question is the flora Bifidobacteria. The flora associated with increased susceptibility to infection in the digestive tract and play an important role in the development of a healthy immune system and the induction of oral tolerance.

Further explained also that these good bacteria have beneficial effects on health due support optimal function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce bad bacteria colonies, and strengthen the immune system.
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Depression? streets …

You may believe, may well not. With the streets 30 minutes, was able to overcome mild depression for an hour. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin.
Most people with mild depression feel more refreshed and calmer for more than an hour after their exercise walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. They feel that the blood pressure and negative feelings or distress suffered decline.

Previous research has stated that regular exercise can help a person free from depression, especially if followed by counseling and medical treatment. Other research also supports that active exercise does have a good effect to overcome depression.

The study, conducted by researchers at Texas University, Austin involving 40 people aged 18 to 55 years. Those diagnosed with depression and have never been treated with antidepressant medications or exercise routine before. A total of 20 patients were required to undergo training for 30 minutes, while the rest are welcome to sit quietly at the same time. Their body condition was analyzed five minutes before being given treatment as well as 30 and 60 minutes afterward. Continue reading “Depression? streets …”

The Seventh Birthday YouTube

If you often spend time at the computer for surfing the internet, it seems you would know a site called Youtube. Youtube itself has been established since February 2005, to coincide with Valentine’s Day and was officially launched on May 21, 2005. The site was created in a garage owned by Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube.

At that time, Hurley and Steve Chen and Jawed Karim intends to create a site that could be used as a place to exchange video. When the three of them had the idea to set up the site, a trio of young entrepreneurs are still working at the company PayPal. However, armed with the same vision, they decided to really concentrate to develop a site of their own.

Despite working in the same place, they all come from different educational backgrounds. Hurley forging of design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, while Chen and Karim jointly studied computer science at the University of Illinois. Nasiblah that unite them and make one of the three most important icon in the world of internet development.

As has been circulating in the media, the initial idea of ​​making the video sharing site leveled by Hurley and Chen. At that time, they both have difficulty sharing videos that contain about a dinner party in 2005 that was held in the residence of Chen. After experiencing a problem that both of them are fairly complicated problem, finally they agreed to develop a program to share video.
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Baby’s Development 12 Months From Day to Day

Walk with one hand held
Currently there are some babies who are able to walk on his own. But if not, he will generally be able to walk if it is held with the help of one hand. But you still have to be careful because it is still easy to lose balance.

Giving objects to others
Ask a familiar object with the palm of your hand, then he would give him the right. Or he would be happy to put toys into a container if requested.

He is now able to mimic sounds familiar, such as ‘woof-woof’ for the sound of a dog and ‘meow’ of a cat.

Great curiosity
You like a little baby explorers who want to learn the contents of each room and the house. He even pulled the tablecloth and grab anything to satisfy her curiosity. Continue reading “Baby’s Development 12 Months From Day to Day”

Detection Cause Impotence

Many people believe that the cause of impotence is caused by psychological factors or psychological. In fact, according to research, about 80-90% of impotence is caused by physical factors. You want to know what? Only cause of impotence?

Depression is another form of psychological effects that can cause impotence. However, some anti-depressant drugs actually cause a man suspected of being difficult to erect. In fact, people who are depressed are very dependent on the drug. What’s the solution? Sexual aids (sex toys) may be a solution for a while.
Stress and anxiety
When stressed or anxious, he will be hard erection. Stress can trigger the production of hormones (such as adrenaline and non-adrenaline) which can inhibit the process of erection.
In the U.S., an estimated 8 million people have diabetes. Of this amount is predicted that half? Suffer from impotence and the rest is a strong candidate to suffer from impotence. Continue reading “Detection Cause Impotence”

Indonesia Travel Maps application on Android

Indonesia is one country in the world that has a lot of tourist destination location. The number of islands, culture, tribe, are some factors that make foreign tourists keen to come to Indonesia.

Of course, to be able to travel to such places as a special preparation required to bring a map. Maps are important to you tourists who do not know fully about area attractions you want to visit.

But do not worry, it turns out there are special tours Indonesia map application to help you who want to travel. Some of these applications include:

Bali, Indonesia – Free Guide

Bali is an exotic island rich in natural, cultural and culinary. Indonesia map application named Bali, Indonesian – Free Guide presents maps and illustrations guide Bali tourist areas such as Seminyak, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Bali National Park, Candidasa, Denpasar and others.

Indonesia map application also allows you to find out what you need transportation while in Bali, places of entertainment in bali, culinary and museums in Bali. Continue reading “Indonesia Travel Maps application on Android”

Tips on Keeping Kids Stay Healthy

Tendency children have unhealthy lifestyle is increasing. Obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy food, smoke makes children at risk for heart disease and stroke, which can occur in young age.

Parents should consume foods with good, because your child will be eating behaviors refer to his parents. Eat a healthy diet with a balanced diet and eating are adjusted to the required energy intake. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, less fat. And that should not be forgotten, that govern the use of salt in food and excessive sugar such as soft drinks, or snacks that are too sweet.

Give meaning to them the dangers of smoking on health. Of course, do not expect kids not to smoke if their parents smoke also. The younger the child smoked, the greater the risk that the disease will arise.
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Diets that are Worth Avoiding

Many people are willing to try a variety of methods of diet in the hope of getting a slim body shape ideal. The problem is, not all weight loss methods offered safe. Instead of healthy, body precisely malnutrition, even kidneys become damaged.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (association of family doctors in the U.S.), people should avoid dieting method with the following characteristics:

Promising fast weight loss, such as lost 3-4 pounds per week.
Despite promises weight loss without reducing fatty foods.
Diet method that uses photos “before and after” that showed dramatic weight loss.
Diet methods that include testimonials from people who’ve tried or person claiming to be “experts”.
Diet is only limited to certain foods, instead of pushing to a healthy balanced diet. Continue reading “Diets that are Worth Avoiding”

Smartphone With Giant Size

Man and mobile phones are two words that seemed to not be separated. Where ever you are, surely you’ll see the view of people who are always busy interacting with the phone. But if you are aware, the longer these developments are increasingly showing a pretty unique thing.

Before the existence of smartphones so glorified as now, almost every mobile phone has a small size. In fact, the smaller the phone, the more expensive price. Now, a change apparently is happening. The public view of the small cell phone seems to have changed, at least for now.

Currently, almost all smart phones circulating in the community have a fairly sized “giant”. Size is nearly the size of a tablet PC body. No wonder if some people were confused about the function of these gadgets. With a fairly large size, many consumers are starting difficulty to distinguish between a tablet PC with a smartphone.

Here are some of the best smartphones that have an average size of 5 inches

Samsung Galaxy Note

Judging from the specifications, the smartphone and tablet PC is essentially the same. The easiest way to distinguish them is to look at the size of the screen. Tablet PCs generally measuring 7 to 10 inches, while the average smartphone about 4 inches. Samsung saw a gap and decided to release a hybrid product: Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung GT-N7000 or we get to know her by the name of Samsung Galaxy Note has a screen size of 5.3 inch. Bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a tablet PC. Although not the first, Samsung trying to present-powered products, can compete with the tablet PC, but still can be transported easily.
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Complaints overcome Colic and Constipation in Small

Handle multiple babies symptoms that often occur:

Abdominal pain / colic

Immediately take action:

Babies usually have colic
Try working on a way to placate the burping during meals or after meals
Give eat slowly with smaller portions
Hold your baby while caressing it gently to make him feel more comfortable.
Call your doctor if your baby:

Pain when moving
have diarrhea
Nausea and vomiting
bloated stomach
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