Setting up a budget inn is no longer negotiable when traveling. If you do not have much budget for a vacation, there are several ways to outsmart. Here are 5 ways to save money inn.

Although there is only a one-day holiday, but not a few also were on vacation for days. If you are alone, often even lodging costs so much more severe. Do not worry, detikTravel, gather 5 ways to save money lodging:

1. Dormitory

When foreign holidays, stay at the dormitory is not something alien. Many lodging that offers the concept of staying in a room together. Dormitory allows you to stay with other people who are not really known. One room can consist of 4 to a dozen people.

Price per night is not calculated per room rather than per bed. So, of course it would be cheaper inn than stay at a hotel or hostel.

2. Find a companion

If you do not find the dormitory in the vacation, you can find a friend who can be a partner to share a room. It was a little uncomfortable since you are new to the prospective roommate in a short time. But you can do some tests to convince myself that it was he who would become friends overnight.

You also can invite their own friends to holiday together so there are some budget can be divided into two or more to reduce holiday spending. If you can convince your friends to holiday together, not only lodging that could be cheaper, but also a lot of things. Exciting is not it?

3. Homestay

Homestay was greatly loved by the young traveler and backpacker because it could put more pressure on the budget. Ministry of Tourism also is promoting homestays to promote tourism industry to the public about travel destinations. Homestay becoming known as some new destinations not yet have many lodging while visitors kept coming.

Stays with the concept of homestay is quite affordable because the place you are inapi houses. Today, more varied and begin homestay comes standard accommodation facilities. Even so, the price offered is still affordable. In addition, you can also know more about local life with a stay in one of their homes.

4. Stay with relatives or friends

Having many friends can be a beneficial thing when traveling. With this, you can spend a day or two at your friend. Looking for a friend in another city can be done by following a diverse community. But do not just one direction, you have to be ready with open arms accept friends who want to stay in your home.

If you do not have a lot of friends, there are still relatives or grandparents. You can stay in touch as well as traveling. In addition to establishing a good relationship, you can save money accommodation and even money for food.

5. Couch surfing

Couch Surfing site is known as a ‘virtual inn’. From here, you can find a friend who can give you a place to sleep for free. As with Facebook, you’ll make friends with many people and can choose who want to offer a place to sleep. It would be very useful if you’re traveling abroad.

But there is to be aware of when using this service. Make sure the profile you select it trustworthy. Also make sure you are not too much trouble when the night there. Also do not forget, have a room in the house for another traveler who would you choose to be friends Couch Surfing!

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