Location Apartment

Determining the best locations being the main requirement to choose an apartment. We recommend looking for an apartment located on the main road because the rate of increase is higher property prices. Or look for an apartment adjacent to public facilities such as commercial centers, offices, banks, schools, hospitals, markets, hotels, bus stations, transportation centers, and entertainment facilities. With complete facilities, the potential increase in the price is also higher. The best location has everything to support accelerated growth process property values. Because generally, the average age of the apartment is 50-100 years. As soon as he was 15 years, the price of the apartment units are usually stagnant because the value of the building is shrinking, but the apartment is not possible torn down and rebuilt. Because the location of the apartment was the one who will determine the value of your property will remain up or become stagnant.

Regional security

Security would also be number one. Choose your apartment has a security system and security guaranteed good so you are more comfortable occupying. Make sure the apartment has a staff, security guards or maintenance workers who work 24 hours and can be contacted at any time. This is important in the event of an emergency such as a flood or fire. If you find an apartment management is not good, then it is likely the apartment management will be slow to respond to your complaints.

Ask if the management do background checks on the inmates? It is quite important questions, to anticipate the possibility of residents who have a criminal record. Not intend to prejudice. But considering the individual apartments are usually very, very important to prioritize security. You certainly do not want to feel worry and anxiety in your own place.

For that before deciding to buy, Had to take a walk around the location of the apartment. Ask the shopkeeper or restaurant near the apartment, how the environment and its inhabitants. Do most married, young or office workers? That way, you are much easier to adjust.

Consider also what floor you are going to stay. If you are planning to stay alone, can choose a higher floor for safety and comfort. But usually, the higher the floor, the price is also more expensive. Meanwhile downstairs, more suitable for those who are married, living in twos and threes. But you still have to be vigilant because the rooms in the apartment below the generally more susceptible entered thief or robber. Install additional security tools for your safety.

Place Parking & Service Charge

Spacious apartment complexes usually provide a greater parking area. While small apartment, of course also limited parking space. If the parking area is small, of course you will have difficulty if every day had to go home that night due to the parking spot is full. Ask the contractor or sales office staff about car parking arrangements. Are you can then book the car park? Is the extra cost?

In addition to the parking fee, you also have to take into account the cost of service charge. Choose an apartment with a number of service charge per month according to your ability. Usually the occupants will be charged service charge for some facilities, such as security, lift, and waste management. Cost of this service varies, depending on the type of apartment you buy.

Reputation developers

Find out and look at the developer, does have a good reputation. You can find out by looking at the developer’s network is built. Note the track record of the developer. Make sure the developer who built the apartment you want to buy has credibility and a good track record. And also has a high commitment to execute projects. If necessary select a developer who also has experience in international markets that have a guarantee of success and increase the value of investment apartments.

Especially when you are buying apartments in pivot. Verify with the developer, when the project will be completed and when you begin to occupy it.

Land status and document

Note carefully the status of the apartment which would you choose. Make sure the soil is not in dispute process or the status of the land lease. Also, make sure the document is not too problematic as a guarantee in the bank. When you need to enlist the help of a notary or a local government before trading.

Also check the completeness of the document. Buyers will pay cash should be extra careful. Verify the certificate, not until after settled, it turns out that the apartment is being mortgaged by the developer. Quite different from the buyers who buy on credit from the Bank, because the bank usually will also ensure that mortgaged property documents are complete and not problematic.

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